$500 & Two Twenty One

Today's guest is Chelsea from Two Twenty One.

two twenty one 
Chelsea is a talented one.  Her photography skills impress me.  We have bonded over our love of sarcasm and blogging.  I'd say something about how sweet she is but let's leave it at talented....


Hi, Decor and the Dog readers!  (I'm assuming someone is reading this because, let's face it, most readers skip out on their favorite blogs when they know there will be guest bloggers.  I speak the truth.)  I'm Chelsea from Two Twenty One, where I blog about my amazing Craigslist luck, DIY projects, and food, specifically of the dessert variety.
People don't often offer me $500.  Wait.  No one has ever offered me $500.  Legally.  Just Kidding.  Kinda.  Anyway, when Michelle said that she'd "give" me $500, and I could "spend" it on whatever I want, I decided to "spend" it all on myself.  I could say that I'd give it to charity or use it to plant 100 trees but that's not as much fun as fictitiously blowing it.  So here we go!
1. Uggs ($160)  Are they ugly?  Yes.  Are they the most comfortable shoes ever?  You betcha.  I have two pairs, and I love them.  They save my poor, ice cold feet during winter.  I wouldn't mind a new pair of chestnut Uggs since the sole on my 4 year old one's are starting to show their age.
2. Nook ($99)  I told my husband that I'd finally read The Hunger Games if he buys me a Nook.  I still don't have a clue what the hype is about...  And I don't need a fancy e-reader.  Why?  Because if I get a fancy one I'll get distracted with the web browser, and I won't get any reading done.
3. Indiana t-shirt ($20)  I like this shirt.  And I've lived in Indiana for all my 27 years.
4. Pottary Barn cable-knit throw ($79)  Love me a nice, warm, cable-knit throw.  They're so pretty, and soft, and pretty.
5. Kate Spade Mrs. Necklace ($78) I like this necklace.  And I'm married.
6. Glittery Toms ($54)  I need some fall shoes.  Everyone and their sister is all "I love my Toms!"  So I'd like to jump on the bandwagon, please.  That, and since a child will get a pair of shoes from my imaginary purchase, I'm technically giving to charity.
7. Anne Taintor magnet ($5) I love Anne Taintor.  I get her calendar every year, and I have a handful of her magnets-- except this one.  In case you can't read the text, the magnet reads "you're right! it does look like her Facebook picture!"

Those items total $495.  So my charitable self is "buying" the first 5 people to comment 99 cent Frosty's.  You're welcome.
What would you buy if Michelle gave you $500?  Don't tell me that you'd donate it to charity, liar.
What do you think of my choices?  Have a favorite?

You all know how much I love voting for things.  It's a sickness.  Be sure to vote for Chelsea's dresser turned console table daily during the month of September!  Vote here!
Chelsea blogs about classy things over at Two Twenty One.