$500 & Life on Mars

Holding the blog fort down on this Thursday is Maury from Life on Mars.

Life on Mars

I have "known" Maury less time than my other guests but I've enjoyed reading about her adventures in home improvement....like her fantastic mudroom make-over.


Since Michelle is now the sweetest person in the world and has offered to give me $500 for guest posting on her blog*, I thought I’d share how I’m going to spend that money.

*Michelle is not aware of this arrangement, but she is now Smile

When she gives me $500, I’m going to decorate my nursery, starting with this:


I love this wallpaper. We are not finding out what the baby is, so I have to go gender neutral and I think this is perfect. I can’t get it out of my head, but my husband doesn’t want to spend $350 on wallpaper.

*I really think he just doesn’t want to get wallpaper and he’s using the cost as a good reason. Well, Michelle is calling his bluff and donating $500 to the cause.

I imagine painting the walls a pale green with accents in the pale blue color from the flowers.

Thankfully, my sister-in-law had twins so my Mom had two cribs. I now benefit from that because I get to have one of these Jenny Lind cribs (or something less selfish like… I benefit by having super cute twin niece and nephew):
I’d probably buy this Tarva chest from Ikea for $150. I’d make it into my changing table:tarva--drawer-chest__0143752_PE303252_S4
I’d paint it like this, except not in coral… that probably doesn’t count as gender neutral, huh?

So I can’t exactly decorate my whole nursery with $500, but I can take care of most of the essentials! Isn’t it nice of Michelle to help out with this? Bloggy friends are so great.

Be sure to visit me at Life on Mars and see how the nursery turns out!