Rug Evolution

I’m not really good at following decorating rules.  I’m just not.  I live in Iowa.  My friends think I’m famous because I write a silly blog.  Who needs decorating rules?

Like rug size.  Who cares what the “rules” are in regards to rug size?  Not this Midwest girl.   Especially not me 3 years ago.

Well, hello baby 3’x5’ rug.  You’re so tiny and cute….and totally way too small for this room.

I told myself this totally worked…because I still had $100,000 in student loans…and I knew zero about decorating.  Totally works.  Totally works.

Slowly I began to learn that at least the couches should touch the rug.  Do you know how much large rugs cost?  A lot of money.  That’s how much.  But I should upgrade.  That rug above just isn’t cutting it.  How about a 5’x8’? That will totally work.

I can’t find a view from above but as you can see, the size is better.  Pretty decent.  But still small.

One popular rule that I have found is that the rug should be large enough to slide under the front legs of sofas and chairs in a seating arrangement.  All the legs touching the rug helps unify the furniture. 


I agree.  I also agree that the “rule” depends on your room.  The “all front legs touching” thing may not work for every room situation.  Rules. Schmules.

I also think I need to scoot the chair closer.  Thanks view from the walkway.


Now I think I need a round coffee table to balance out all of that square.  I should research coffee table rules.  Or stop learning decorating things.  The latter would probably make my husband happy.

Do you follow decorating “rules”?  Are you currently breaking any decorating “rules”?