New Living Room Rug

I did it.  I opened my new rug.  And I like it.  No more hating Overstock.  Woo hoo.

Some of you may be a bit disappointed after having read my navy rug post.  I went boring.  But hear me out.  Boring is good.  Boring is me.  I have this problem lately of wanting everything pretty that I see.  Unfortunately, I am unable to surround myself with everything pretty.  And just because it’s pretty, doesn’t mean that it fits the style of our house.  Does that make sense?

And Ike.  Ike LOVES the new rug!


I went with a jute and hemp rug from Overstock.  I decided that I wanted a neutral rug.  I like neutrals. Neutrals relax me.  A neutral rug allows me to change pillows. I like to change things. Pillows are easier/cheaper to change than rugs.  The price was right for the size.  The rug added some much needed texture to the room.  Sold.





The only thing we aren’t super happy with is the smell. To quote Nate, “It smells like a rodeo.” A day with the windows open definitely helped air it out.

The rug is jute and hemp so it’s not one that’s super soft and squishy on the feet…which may not be for everyone.  We don’t spend very much time on the floor so it’s not a concern of mine.  Ike is the only one who rolls around on the floor and he tells me it’s cool.


Are you a neutral fan or a bold color fan?  Why are rugs so stinking expensive?  Any fellow jute fans?  Can you believe that all of these Ike photos were taken without treats?  Seriously.  Me either.