Meal Planning

Meal Planning.  What an evil set of words.  I keep talking about it but never quite get around to it.  Nate and I aren’t really “think ahead” type people so this one is a struggle.  Neither of us minds cooking but it’s the dreaded “What should we eat tonight?” that makes eating in less fun.

Meal planning will no longer be a struggle. I am going to make this work.  All of you in blogland are going to keep me accountable.  Okay? Okay.

Each week I am going to post my meal plan for the week.  (Except for next week because I’ll be sunning myself slathering myself in sunscreen in Arizona.)  We eat the majority of our meals in. (I’d say we don’t eat out a lot (once or twice a week) but that is all relative.) Hopefully some of you can get some extra meal time inspiration out of the deal too.

I will be pinning (such a fun verb) my favorites to a board on Pinterest (located here!).  This board will only contain recipes that we have tried and are Décor and the Dog approved.

Sunday Breakfast:
Pioneer Woman’s Baked French Toast

Sunday Supper:
Crock Pot Spaghetti Sauce and OMG Bread via Iowa Girl Eats

Mexican Chicken

Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

It’s kickball night so we’ll either have leftovers or pancakes.

Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets and Baked Potatoes

Girl’s night/Nate fends for himself.  Dude.  It’s week one.  Did you really expect a FULL week’s worth of meal planning?

Are you a meal planner?  Any tips?  Feel free to e-mail me your favorite weeknight recipes (decorandthedog (at) gmail)!