Diggin’ It

Today I am going to start a new series. Because I am awesome at keeping up with a series (i.e. Blogging Basics and DSLR for Dummies).  Third times a charm, right?

Every Friday Nate, Ike, and I are going to share with you some of our favorite things. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things from blogland plus girl stuff.  Nate will be sharing his favorites in photography, technology and boy stuff.  Ike will be sharing dog stuff.  (Duh.)

What’s the clever name of this series?  Diggin’ It with Dudette, Dude and the Dog. 

Digginit copy2 copy

(They let anyone blog these days, don’t they?  And don’t you love our senior portraits?  My husband (aka: the dude) is a saint.)

Let’s get this series started…



  • Kelly (View Along the Way) is a genius.  Check out her tutorial on how to make any lamp cordless.  Genius, I tell you.
  • I’m in love with Gabbi’s (Retro Ranch Reno) bench make-over.  I’m also in love with her cat. Yes, her cat.
  • Kate Spade sucked me in with her super mega secret sale.  The Belltown Quinn was too cute to pass up.  The dude asked if I ordered it and how much it cost. My response to both was “doesn’t matter.”


dude copy

  • HDR Efex Pro 2 is a great software program that allows greater dynamic range in photos.  I’ll be using this for interior photos when it’s bright outside.  Tutorial to come.
  • Fancy is a website/app that, to quote their site, “is part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. It's a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries.”  The dudette thinks it’s a lesser version of Pinterest but it has some unique items that are entertaining.



  • Ike is glad he isn’t the only bad dog out there.  We cuddled and laughed at all of the bad dogs over at Dog Shaming.

Did you enjoy Dudette, Dude and the Dog?  What are you loving this week?