Random Post…and Acts of Craftiness

I’m in a bit of a decorating rut.  More like a Everything-I-Want-To-Do-Costs-Too-Much-Money rut.  You’ll have that.  I’m also trying really hard to plan out rooms versus making impulse purchases.  This whole paragraph makes me sad. ;)

Nate and I are working on a little project.  It’s just taking more time to dry than expected.  Maybe that has something to do with me leaving the water to the hose on overnight, the hose bursting, and flooding our garage.  Surprisingly I did no damage…..other than slowing project drying time…and killing the Earth.

Note:  It has not rained in 3 months.  That is all garage water.  But look how clean my car is!!

Here is a sneak peek at our project. Any guesses on what it is? I’m hoping to have it done early this week.

Me using a hammer in fancy clothes.

Next random topic.  I have accepted a new position.  It’s a pretty big blogging career move.  I am now co-director of the Random Acts of Craftiness Project

random acts button2

The project is the brain child of Erin over at His and Hers.  As co-director, I am basically Erin’s blog husband on this project.  I keep her crazy in line.  (All husbands of bloggers have to do this, right?)

What is the Random Acts of Craftiness Project.  I’ll have you head on over to His and Hers for the full details (which are still in the works) but basically each month you are assigned a random item to make a craft with.  And the stuff on Erin’s list is most definitely random.

I wanted to chicken out at first.  There is no way I can make something with the items she has in mind.  But the more I think about it, I think I can.  They may not all be successes but the process of thinking outside of the box will be great.  I don’t know about all of you but I sometimes feel I’m losing some of my creativity by constantly browsing blogs and Pinterest.  Bring on the challenge director lady!

Are you in?  Tell me you are. It’s going to be such scary fun!  Have you been pondering a blog?  This would be a great excuse to start!  We are also looking for some guest judges so let me know if that’s something you would be interested in as well!

Any uncompleted projects your way?  Anyone else’s visions larger than their savings account?  Who is ready to craft with toothbrushes?