Navy Rug Obsession

My newest obsession is a new rug for our living room.  I love obsessions.  They keep me entertained during slow work days.  You can send my Pharmacist of the Year award directly to my home.  Thanks.

April 2011 061

Do I need a new rug?
Hmm...define "need.” Nate says "no."  But he's also a fun hater so take that for what it's worth.  For the record, he really hates my obsessive personality.  I told you.  He’s a fun hater.

We are starting to think about putting in built-ins around the fireplace...which will lead to a room transformation.  I'm digging navy lately.  I think it will add a little color to a very neutral room.  Plus our current rug is too small for the space.  I think it's very pretty.  Just small-ish.  I also have decorating ADHD.

I know some of you like to day dream about rugs too so I'll share my current loves.  Feel free to enable me all you want.  I really am just day dreaming at this point.  I’m trying to be less impulsive with my decorating purchases.  It’s hard.  Real hard.  Super hard.  Need medication hard.
Let’s drool together.

This rug is probably my favorite.  Naturally it would be over $1000.  Dream big, little pharmacist.  Dream big.

This one speaks to me.  It’s a moody rug.  Kind of like me Nate.

This rug speaks me too.  I’m going to add “bilingual” to my resume.  Second language: rugs.

I wish rugs were less expensive.   Darn rugs.   This rug has a nice simple yet interesting vibe going on.

What are you day dreaming about?  Any other fantastic navy rug suggestions for me?  Who are my fellow obsessive personality blog readers?