Camera Bag

We all love the photos that DSLRs can take but we all hate lugging them around.  Right? Right.

I was harping on Nate awhile back because I felt that we weren’t using our DSLR enough.  We’d take our crappy point and shoot and get craptacular photos.  It’s pretty dumb to have craptacular photos when you own a DSLR.  Right? Right.

Nate’s complaint was that he didn’t like wearing the camera backpack that he owned (especially in places like Chicago).  We began our search for the perfect gender neutral yet easy to lug around camera bag.

We agreed upon the Lowepro Exchange Messenger Camera Bag in grey. (My parent’s kindly purchased this for me for my birthday.  Thanks givers of life.) We like that the bag is a neutral color, has good camera protection and has lots of storage compartments but isn’t bulky.

Chicago was our first time testing the bag out.  (Yeah, I'm right on top of this posting stuff on time business.)  I actually didn’t mind carrying it around…even when it was 1000 degrees outside. 

Hello, Bean/Cloud/Shiny Object in Chicago…

Chicago 2012 120
Chicago 2012 153

The bag has lots of compartments which came in handy for money, sunscreen, lip balm, Band-Aids, phones, etc.


We’re happy with our camera bag compromise!  I mean it's not an Ona Bag but for the price, it's a keeper!

How do you carry around your camera?  What are your camera bag requirements?

I was in no way compensated for this post.  Lowepro doesn’t know we exist.  We do, however, love their little grey bag and thought we’d share!