I Want a Rain Barrel

I worry about myself sometimes.  Okay, all of the time. 

Like yesterday when the toilet bowl cleaner that contained bleach slipped from my hands as I was going down the stairs.  There are now a few bleach spots on the stairs and my new shirt is also bleached.  Amazing.  I am never cleaning toilets again.

Or the other night when I was watering flowers.  I was thinking to myself that a rain barrel would be super helpful beings I am watering my flowers EVERY STINKING NIGHT.  At least I would be using a natural source of water.

via gardeners.com

And then I remembered that the reason I am watering is because we are in a drought and rain barrels aren’t exactly helpful without rain. 

Yeah.  My $100,000 education will only get me so far.

Nate isn’t pro-rain barrel.  He thinks they are for hippies.  I’m a wanna-be hippy.  Hippies are awesome.

On another water/yard related note, I finally talked Nate into moving our sprinklers.  (See, Nate is no hippy.  He waters our yard. Just not well.) 


He wouldn’t listen to me when I told him that the reason we have a dead spot in our yard is probably because it isn’t getting watered.  Upon further investigation, I was proven correct.  I just don’t get why he wouldn’t listen to me originally.  Oh yeah, the rain barrel thing.

Our poor yard.  I like having the blog as a diary of sorts.  This will help me remember the hotness and driest summer ever.  It thundered a lot the other night.  No rain.  Poor yard.

Do you have a rain barrel?  Where’d you get it?  Who is ready for some rain?  Who loves when they can prove their husband wrong?  (To clarify, that’s totally not me.)