Flag Cake Awesomeness

Dude.  Where’d the week-end go?  Holy cow.

I say “dude” way more than anyone of my age and education level should.

Dude. Have you seen that Flag Cake floating around on Pinterest? 

Yeah, I made it.


And I watermarked that photo.  I don’t want anyone stealing my stuff.

It started out pretty decent.




We’re killing this flag cake thing.  Boo-yah.


Uh oh. Should have greased that blue cake pan a little better.


God bless America.

Where’d we go wrong?  We didn’t level the cake layers enough and the frosting was too runny. And we were trying to cook a delicious supper and didn’t give this cake our undivided attention.  It’s obviously a needy one. You win some.  You lose some.  Luckily the in-laws are good sports and laughed at us with us.

Part of the inside was pretty though!


If you would like to attempt to make your own disaster, you can find some decent instructions at Glorious Treats.

Are you whipping up anything good for the ol’ 4th of July?  Any other great cakes I should attempt next?