Fireworks Photos

While we recover from doing nothing on the 4th of July, I will share with you all some fireworks photos.  (If you would like tips for photographing fireworks, check out Friday’s post here!)

We enjoyed the show along the Mississippi river.  It was extremely hot and humid. I threw a cardigan in the car.  Nate laughed at me.  I most definitely did not need the cardigan beings it was still 85 degrees at 10:00PM.  You can never be too prepared when it comes to having a cardigan though.  I take cardigan carrying seriously.

I think next year we shall buy a boat and watch the fireworks on the river.  Wait, I get motion sick. Never mind.

I swear I’m only 30.

This is going downhill fast.  Enjoy the show!

Fireworks 2012 295
Fireworks 2012 301
Fireworks 2012 354
Fireworks 2012 373
Fireworks 2012 384

How’d you spend the 4th?  Did you get to catch a fireworks show or were they cancelled in your area?  Who else thinks I should only eat ice cream until this Extreme Heat Warning is lifted?