Eating Our Way Through Chicago

I tried to get a post together for yesterday but my stomach was too large to hold my laptop.  Don’t worry.  I’m not preggo.  I just ate my way through Chicago this past week-end. I was telling one of my co-workers about our trip and she asked if we did anything besides eat. The answer was “not really.”

Nate and I headed to the Windy City with one of my best friends from childhood and her husband. 

We’ll call them Mr. and Mrs. A to protect their identities.   Mr. A had never been to Chicago and it had been awhile for Mrs. A.  Nate and I go about once a year but we usually strike out on food.  You all’s recommendations came in very handy and you most definitely didn’t let us down.

Two warnings:  1. Don’t read this if you’re hungry.  2. Our food photography is atrocious.

We arrived in Chicago around lunchtime on Friday.  Our first food destination was Portillo’s.  Nate did a much better job of photographing the food he consumed.  I did not.  Neither of us used the DSLR that I lugged around.  Blogger fail.

Portillo’s was delicious.  I had a chili cheese dog and Nate had Italian beef.  So very good.


After walking off Portillo’s, we headed for some Chicago style pizza.  Giordano’s is Nate and I’s Chicago style place of choice.  We love the buttery crust and massive amount of cheese.


Mrs. A and I were doing our part to keep Chicago classy.  Those pieces are deceiving.  We were all disgustingly full after two pieces.  I swore I would never eat food ever again after this stop.

And then Saturday morning rolled around and our first stop was Yolk.  I am thinking about selling my 2800 square foot home and using that money to buy a 300 square foot studio in downtown Chicago just so I can eat at Yolk every morning.  I could write and entire post on my love of Yolk.


I had the Cinnamon Roll French toast.  Life changing.  I am still having dreams about this French toast.  I am thinking about framing this photo and hanging it on the wall just for the happy memories.




We then waddled our way around the city.  I’ll share the waddling stops tomorrow.

For supper on Saturday night we stopped at Rock Bottom Brewery.  We left miserable once again.  Such good food.  Nate and Mrs. A were big fans of the fish tacos.  My Hickory Bacon BBQ burger was also quite delicious.  Like you know you should stop eating but you can’t delicious. (All of you on bump watch, please note my Lemon Drop Martini.)


Beings that we are gluttons for punishment, we headed to Ghirardelli’s Ice Cream.  I can’t go to Chicago without a stop at Ghirardelli’s…and we were running out of time.

You can see my pores leaking grease and sugar.

Nate swears that the hot fudge sundae was the best he’s ever eaten.  I still don’t think I can pass up my chocolate ice cream in a chocolate dipped waffle cone.


Who’s hungry?  Any fans of the above places?  Do you want to frame that Cinnamon Roll French toast also?