Double Shower Curtain

If you’ve been reading awhile, you know that I’ve struggled finding the right shower curtain for our guest bathroom.  The room is long and narrow with high ceilings.  There is also a shortage of cute shower curtains in the world.

I think I solved my design dilemma. I went with a double shower curtain and I like it.  If you don’t, please keep your opinions to yourself or I will virtually slap you.


Wait, let’s start over.  Good morning/afternoon/evening.  Welcome to Décor and the Dog!  I just updated my guest bathroom!


(Also don’t tell me to rip up my cheap linoleum floor (previous comment).  It’s tile.  It was installed 3 years ago.  It photographs more tan than it appears in person.  It wouldn’t be my first choice today but life goes on.)

Wait, what.  Again…good morning/afternoon/evening…

The rug is the Olin runner from Crate and Barrel. The shower curtains are actually just plain ol’ curtains.  They are the Target Home Farrah Fretwork Window Panels in black.  The curtain rod is the Zenith Double Tension Shower Rod from Bed Bath and Beyond. 

The curtain rod was not easy to install.  You were supposed to be able to twist and install.  We’re still unsure how you twist with two rods.  The rods kept moving and lacked tension.  Luckily the curtain rod had the option to screw it into the wall.  And that’s what Nate did…while I Instagrammed (a verb) him.

When I originally saw the double shower curtain idea on Pinterest, I was confused as to how you showered without getting water all over the floor.  There’s a gap in your shower curtain.


Where does the liner go?   A double rod!  That’s genius!  Sometimes it’s hard having a doctorate…


Ike thinks the double shower curtain is for easy dog access.

Ike and the Shower Curtain

Guess he’s right!

This room is by no means done.  We need to figure something out with that giant mirror.  Overall I’m happy with the decisions we made when building our house.  I’m not so happy with our builder grade mirror decision.  I’d love to rip it down but that’s not exactly an inexpensive/easy fix.  We’ll see.  I think we have some plans for some moldings in here as well.  Maybe new light fixtures?  And of course art…and some color!  But we’re making progress!


Was anyone else previously confused by the double shower curtain? Who feels virtually threatened by this post?  Who thinks I have a problem with black and white bathrooms?  Yeah, me too.  It’s a sickness.