Chicago in Black & White

Nate and I set out early the morning we left Chicago.  The morning was gloomy and damp from the rain the night before.  The city was quiet. 

The photos Nate took that morning lent themselves to being edited in black and white. Black and white photos always speak to me.  Very moody.  Very city.  Very I want to move to downtown Chicago.  Yesterday.

Nate and I keep day dreaming about a studio downtown as a vacation home.  We talk like it could happen.  You know, after we both get second jobs or win the lotto.  Doable, right?

Guess we’ll keep day dreaming…

Chicago 2012 221-2

Chicago 2012 225

Chicago 2012 227

Chicago 2012 232

Chicago 2012 240

Chicago 2012 234

Chicago 2012 233-2

I’m not sure why this city has sucked me in.  But it has. Big time. We’re already pondering our next trip!

Anyone else dreaming of a vacation home?  If so, where?  Any black and white photo fans out there or do you prefer the color photos?