Build It or Buy It

I’m a total blog liar.  I WAS going to take a break.  And then I got a last minute e-mail that I needed to post today in order to participate in an ad thing.  Eh.  Why not?

Nate and I had a discussion at supper last night. I asked him if he was interested in building something this week-end.  He gave me the annoyed husband look. I told him that I wasn’t sure he loved me.  He gave me another annoyed look.  I took it further and let him know that he could help me build something this week-end or buy me something to prove his love.  I’m a good wife.

This post is to aid in his decision.  He can build me something or buy me one of these suggested items to prove his love.  Send the Wife of the Year award my way!  Or one of these items if you’re feeling extra generous.

What do you think?  Should Nate build or buy?  What are you drooling over these days?