Zip Lining in Costa Rica

I did it.  I survived zip lining in Costa Rica.  I originally thought it was Nate’s way of cashing in on my life insurance policy.  Not so lucky this time dear husband.

Let me start with the fact that I am a very cautious person and I’m also afraid of heights.  Two steps on a step ladder and I start to get all nervous.  So how’s about I go flying through the jungle on some death trap?  Yeah, how’s about no.


I posted on my personal facebook page that I was certain Nate was trying to end my life and make it look like an accident.  My dear friends kindly informed me that I can’t go to Costa Rica and not zip line.  What did I gather from this?  That my friends wanted me dead too. 

Somehow Nate convinced me I would survive.  Also the brochure that included a kid in a wheelchair zip lining helped seal the deal.

We took a 15 minute bus ride to the zip lining place of death (The Congo Trail Canopy Tour).  The guides get you set up in your gear…a helmet, stinky gloves and a harness apparatus that gives you a giant wedgie.


(Please ignore the look of fear in my eyes.  The fear was from dying and being groped by a Costa Rican man.)

Helmets on and we’re ready to go…


Wait.  Are we?


I change my mind.  Oh, too late now? Fine.  Whatever.


Holy crap. I really change my mind now.  Nate assures me I’ll be fine.  I made him promise me that he’d show this picture to his next wife.


I made it to the first death release point.  I was really close to chickening out.  The guide hooked me up and set me free.  **Be sure to notice my huge biceps.**


And you know what?  It was a ton of fun.  I loved it.  The tour had 11 lines.  That first leap was awful but then it turned into complete awesomeness.

After the first few lines, I decided that maybe Nate just wanted to have fun in Costa Rica.  I kept a close eye on him though…and made him take a bunch of touristy pictures with me.



More proof that we did, in fact, go zip lining.  I really was having fun.  I was just concentrating on not running into a tree.




The views throughout the tour were gorgeous. The mist of water along the upward trail was awesome too.  All parks should have those.





If you get the chance to zip line, you must do it. This is coming from a he-giant chicken girl.  I will go again in a heart beat.  If I can survive it, you totally can!


Have you been zip lining?  Any desire to go or are you a big chicken?  Bock bock.