Pura Vida

Hola, blog amigos!  I am back from Costa Rica.  Unfortunately.  Work is going to be insanely difficult today.  I will keep repeating to myself, “Grown-ups have jobs. Grown-ups go to work.”

Nate and I loved Costa Rica. We both recommend it as a travel destination. This week is “Costa Rica Week” on the blog where we’ll share all of our favorites with you.  Let the torture begin!

We stayed at the Riu Guanacaste.  The resort is located in a rural area of the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica.  It is the perfect location for a relaxing, secluded getaway!

Costa Rica 390

The remote location does make it harder to explore more of Costa Rica.  Many of the excursions were 8-12 hour+ trips.  We did go on two excursions near the hotel. The rest of our time was spent as lazy beach bums.  Muy bueno.

We would start our day off by sleeping in and then heading to breakfast.  We would then go for a nice run on the beach.

Costa Rica 365

Costa Rica 375

Nate’s form is weak.

Okay, the running thing is a lie.  We would take a nice, slow stroll along the beach.  Slow because Costa Rica is HOT.  Must have something to do with that whole being near the equator thing.  I loved the warmth…when near a nice cool body of water…and fruity drink…which is how we spent the remainder of our day. 

The beach near the hotel is beautiful.  The sand is black sand.  Pretty but feet scorching. Nate and I are nature people so we liked that the beach was surrounded by mountains.  Costa Rica is transitioning from the dry season to the wet season.  It only rained one evening while we were there.

Let’s let the pictures do the talking. I’m slowly working my way back into this blogging thing.  I forgot how to write complete sentences.  Not that I was awesome at that a week ago. Focus.  Insert pretty photos.

Costa Rica 286

Costa Rica 317

Costa Rica 382

Costa Rica 336

Costa Rica 406

Costa Rica 429

Costa Rica 392

I impressed Nate with my Spanish speaking skills.  He’s pretty sure I’m almost fluent.  Like this sign at the end of the resort, it says “Beware of Crocodiles”.  I saved his life on this one.  He was totally ungrateful for my translating skills.

Costa Rica 351

He was also impressed with my newly acquired modeling skills.  The things he missed during tax season.  (And yes, I am incapable of taking a normal picture.)

Costa Rica 325

Nate’s modeling is weak.  The “What the fudge?” expression was so 2011.  So is that dirty, cut-off race shirt.  Just saying.

Costa Rica 296

The sunsets at the resort were also pretty impressive…the shots we could get before we were carried off by mosquitoes.

Costa Rica 272

Costa Rica 482

Costa Rica 513

The rest of the week I’ll share with you our thoughts on the resort, photos from zip lining, and photos from our jungle river cruise.  There are photos of me and wild monkeys!  And not just this monkey…

Costa Rica 525

Is it too early to go back?