Today's Guest: The Self Life

Today I would like to welcome Elisa from The Self Life.  Elisa will be sharing her fun office and her adorable furry kids (Olive, June, and Lily).  Yes, Ike let a cat on the blog today.  He's on vacation.  He doesn't care.


Ahh the office. So functional, so lovely. So orange. Originally the office looked like this. (Whomp whomp.)
Blank Office Office couch

But now, it looks like this!


And yep, many people ask, and I swear my mood raises a point or two every time I walk in. Because you guys. Orange makes you HAPPY. Psychiatrists say so! But there are a ton of reasons why I love this room. Although I helped, Ryan essentially built me this desk. He planned it out, bought materials, and executed it. Hello, husband with power tool.

office desk

There are lots of tangible things in this room that I love. The pullout couch, my I-promise-I'll-paint-it-canvas, the crazy deal I got on the West Elm curtains.


But I really love it because there are these particular creatures that fill up the room... The second I get comfortable in the office I hear the padding of feet and turn around to this.

Olive office

Met our Brittany, Olive (namesake Olive Oyl - forever a damsel in distress although sweet as punch),


Our 'Petite Lady Hound' June (named after June Carter Cash, a lovely woman),


And lastly but certainly not least-ly, Lily Bear. (No namesake, just cuteness.)


To say they keep this house alive is quite the understatement. Quite. Because if I decide to sit on the ol' couch, this happens 97% of the time.


Although sometimes they keep themselves entertained.

Da bone

Other times they do not.


But anyone with a four-legged roommate knows I'd have it no other way. I love my girls, and I love the house that we all share. Corniest Person of All Time, Elisa

Be sure to head on over to The Self Life and say "hi" to Elisa, Olive, June, and Lily!