Today's Guest: Primitive and Proper

Today's guest is Cassie from Primitive and Proper. Cassie will be sharing her kitchen dreams and  her furry loves, Jake and Charlie.

Hello Decor and the Dog lovers!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper.  I am so excited to be here as a guest for Michelle. I love her style, her sense of humor, and her adorable self.  I am honored she asked me to be a guest.  Like Michelle, I  happen to be a dog owner as well.  We have two dogs, Charlie, a just about to turn 12 year old beagle, and Jake, an 8 year old bagle (basset/beagle mix).  Here they are looking all sweet and innocent.  And pardon the mess; that is our master bedroom which has not yet been worked on since we moved here in October.

We love our dogs, even when they pee on beloved rugs, because that means we get to get even more awesome rugs, like this.

So instead of stuffing and mounting Charlie for peeing on our gray zebra rug, I have been giving him treats because I like the new one better.  Yes, he's a good dog. ;)

Anyhow, we have been in this house for 6 months now, and I have been cruising along with house projects.  Basically, if something can be made better with paint, well than I can do it!  When it comes to our kitchen though, paint just isn't gonna cut it. Here are a couple pictures of its mustard 1979 atrociousness taken move in day.  So here is is ugly AND messy.

Oh yeah... the pictures are dark, I know, but trust me you are thanking me.  You do not want to be blinded by the mustard yellow formica countertops AND matching backsplash.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Oh, and those fabulous puppy-chewed stools even came free with the house!  Bonus.  I will take those stools over closing help any day.

This kitchen can not be helped merely by paint.  So it will wait hopefully only another year until we can have someone install new floors for us as well as countertops.  But that gives me plenty of time to think about what we shall do.  Here are my plans as of now, subject to change on a daily basis.

First of all, the cabinets will remain and I will paint those.  We will however remove the cabinet above the fridge so that we can finally get a new refrigerator.  This refrigerator is tiny, so we want a newer larger one.  The previous owners did at least leave us with relatively new stainless dishwasher and oven, so we will go stainless on the fridge, too.   For the cabinets, I am thinking something like this....
Aqua cabinets
or this...
LOVE painted cabinets
I want to paint the walls white, so I think this color on the cabinets would be soft and pretty and add some color. I also really like the nickel hardware with this color.

For flooring, we have already decided on slate for a couple of reasons.  We like the rustic and natural look, and it is rather affordable.  here are a couple of inspiration images...
slate tile with gray cabinets
If we can somehow manage to get the herringbone pattern with slate tile, I might make out with the new flooring.
floor, light, black doors, marble backsplash- love those floors!!!

Moving on to countertops, we had thought about doing the butcher block IKEA countertops, but we have a corner sink and cabinet that will not work as it runs on a diagonal.   We know we want toe butcher block look to add warmth and stay with the more rustic style.  I just love what Elizabeth at the Mustard Ceiling did using doors.  And I think there is a chance that perhaps we could DIY it.

We will definitely be removing the formica peninsula and chewed barstools.  So if you are local to MD and want them, let me know! ;)  I plan to add a breakfast nook.  I would love to build a banquette with a storage bench, but I need to convince my husband that it is the way to go.  Or just do it when he is not home.   That's how I roll.  Surprise honey, I painted out master bedroom neon pink!  But ok seriously, how awesome are these banquettes...

I really love this one with the shelving above it...
Or something like this could work, too.   And maybe my kids would look so happy all the time if we had this in our kitchen.
ooh this seating may work for kitchen!!!
Whatever option we end up going with, I plan to bring in an accent color for chairs.  I recently painted some chairs for my dining room in coral and I love how it pairs with the grays and aquas.  So I am thinking something along the lines of my dining chairs for color since the two rooms adjoin each other. here is a glimpse of the dining room...

But for the kitchen chairs I want something a little less formal... bentwood chairs would be perfect!

Colourful bentwood chairs
Maybe I would even do a colorful mix!  I love that setup.  

Of course, we will also get new lighting when the time comes, as the boob light above the eating nook isn't quite cutting it.  So some sort of awesome pendant or chandy will replace it.  But for now, my head is already spinning with everything on the to do list! :)  I hope you enjoyed a peek into my head.  You got to see the good stuff; there are other parts that are a little scary. 

Michelle, thank you so much for having me today!  I hope you will stop by Primitive and Proper and say hi!

Be sure to head on over to Primitive and Proper and say "hi" to Cassie, Jake, and Charlie!