Stool Debacle

The stool hunt continues.  Sad face.

Remember this poll from last week.


If you couldn’t gather, I was the one that loved the stools.  Nate hated them.

Even though Nate was the clear winner, he oh-so-willingly went with me to World Market while we were in Des Moines this past week-end.  Just to say “hi” to the stools.

I’m glad I looked at them in person.  My monitor led me astray.  I thought the metal was more aged looking and the seats were darker.  I still love the overall shape.  I just wanted them to be something that they aren’t.

Sad face.


We totally failed to seize the picture opportunity of Nate standing by the stool with a huge annoying grin on his face and a thumbs up.  But I’m sure you all can picture that.

So, the stool debacle continues.  I am still on the hunt.  Nate is still annoyed.

I also have to publicly admit that Nate has better taste in kitchen stools.  That hurts.  At least my laundry from vacation two weeks is put away.  We all have our strengths.

How do you and your spouse/significant other/roomie solve decorating debates?  What décor debacles have you recently debated?