Outdoor Living

Most of our house attention has turned outdoors the past two weeks.  The weather has been fantastic so it was time to do some planting.  Nate and I both enjoy yard work.

We planted three hydrangea bushes and two Little Henry bushes along our garage.


We’re pretty scientific when it comes to landscape planning. We measure the length of the area that needs covered.  We head to Lowe’s and find plants that fit the sun requirements on the area (shade in this case).  We like a little variety so we chose two different kinds of plants.  We then check out how large the plants will be at maturity and buy enough to cover the length needed.  This landscaping stuff is tough.

I’m pumped about the hydrangeas.  They were in my wedding bouquet.  I’m usually not sentimental about that girl junk but the wedding bouquet and hydrangeas still get me.



The backyard is greening up nicely.


I planted some impatiens in the back.  These things have gone crazy back here the past two years.  The back patio, however, could use still use some love.


The trees are filling in.  I love our secluded backyard.


Nate freshened up the mulch around the house and in the island.


I planted some petunias up front and some geraniums on the front steps.



I love the view from our front door.  Iowa summers for the win.


Ike also loves the view from the front of the house but he wasn’t happy about being left inside during picture time.



Now it’s time for some sun and a little rain now and then!

Have you been busy outside?  Do you have a green thumb or a black thumb?