We Moved…

The blog was a little quiet last week because we were busy moving…


Busy moving stuff off of our counters so we could reseal them.

(I sure hope I got some of you on that one.  I wasn’t around on April Fool’s Day and that made me sad.  I’m making it up for today. Mwah ha ha.)

The company that installed our granite recommended we seal the countertops every year.  3 1/2 years later we finally got around to it.  We started to notice that the counters were losing their glossiness and water did not pool on top as it previously had. 

Bring on the sealer.


We went with Dupont’s BulletProof Sealer.  We choose this sealer because it was inexpensive and got good reviews on Amazon.  We’re pretty scientific when it comes to choosing products.  (Also pictured is our favorite granite cleaner, Method’s Daily Granite.  The cleaner is easy to use.  Just spray it on the counters and wipe dry.)

The sealer was fairly easy to use.  We cleaned the counters well with a wet rag.  We let the counters dry for an hour.  Nate then applied the sealer with a foam brush.  He let the sealer sit for 15-30 minutes and then wiped the excess with a towel.  There were a few spots that were hazy. He had to rewet with the sealer and then wiped it clear again.  We let the counters fully dry overnight.

In the mean time, our table looked like this.  We had a nice, cozy supper on Saturday night.


On Sunday, we put everything back and enjoyed our shiny counters.  (In between Words With Friends and Draw Something.  We are now both addicted.  Just what we need.)





We would definitely recommend granite countertops.  They are low maintenance.  Our dark granite doesn’t stain.  We haven’t noticed any scratches after 3 1/2 years of use.  Our favorite thing about granite is the ability to set hot pans directly onto the countertop.  It only took me about a year to fully trust this fact but now I’m not even sure where our hot pads are!

What are your favorite type of countertops?  Did you complete any projects this week-end that you’ve been putting off?  Any other Draw Something fans out there?