Guest Bathroom Update

I’m in decorating limbo now.  I want to start a project but the timing isn’t right.  There’s always time for decorating day dreaming though, right?  Right!


I was debating another shower curtain from West Elm. I ultimately decided it wasn’t the right choice.  And then I decided to forget the bathroom for awhile until I could find some inspiration.  Or time enough for Nate to forget how many shower curtains I have purchased and hated.  Oopsie daisy.

I started pondering the bathroom again this week-end.  I haven’t purchased anything just yet because I want to be sure this time.  You know, like REALLY sure.  Like my marriage depends on it sure.

I figured I’d get your opinions as well.  I like opinions.  Usually.  Most of the time.  Sort of.

Here are my thoughts…
Sources: rug (Crate and Barrel), double shower curtain (Hazardous Design), fabric (black chevron, yellow chevron, polka dots)

I would like to do a double curtain like Carrie's.  I think the use of the double curtain will help break up the long room.  (I’ll also take Carrie’s awesome floor too.  But that’s not currently in the plans.)

I like the idea of a runner in place of two bath rugs.  I also like the price of the Olin Rug from Crate and Barrel.  This bathroom isn’t a high traffic bathroom so I have zero concerns about using a runner in here.

I think I am going to make my own shower curtains.  That doesn’t sound like a disaster waiting to happen. Nope. Not. At. All.  I can’t find a shower curtain that I like though.  I do, however, like all of the fabrics above.  I just can’t decide. What are your thoughts?  I should be over chevron.  But I’m not.  It speaks to me.

How high would you hang the shower curtains?  Any ideas on art?

We plan to add some form of molding on the long wall.  We are also going to frame out the mirror.  I’d like to replace the he-giant mirror with two smaller ones but I don’t think I can talk my carpenter into that one.  Darn carpenter.

What are your thoughts?  Do share.