We were serious sloths this week-end.  So lazy.  I’d say it was wonderful but we were all kind of antsy.  I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately. I’m not sure what project I want to tackle.  Our vacation is also close and I don’t really want to start anything big before then.

I feel that this photo sums up our week-end nicely.


I did manage to update the art in the mudroom.  This mudroom is good for me.  I can change things up inexpensively.  It was previously rocking holiday art with updated chalkboard art.  It now has a few touches of spring.




Lambs and flowers are my favorite things about spring. There was a pasture behind our first house that always had lambs in the spring.  Memories.

I gave our chalkboard a sprucing up also.


Good work small Kindergarten child.

All of that updating was a lot of work.  Back to being a sloth.


What’s your favorite thing about spring?  Any fellow week-end sloths?