The More You Know

Today I will fill you in on important things that you should know.

1.  Our powder room was featured on this little blog called Young House Love yesterday.  No big deal.  Okay, fine.  It’s a huge deal. John and Sherry think a room in my house is worthy enough of their blog.  Holy cow.  I thought my blog might explode.  Seriously.  Can a blog combust from page views?  I thought so.  Click below if you missed it/don’t know about YHL/live in an internet-less cave…


2.  Jillian Michael’s is trying to kill me.  I will be Ripped in 30. Or I will die trying.  Probably the later.  Yes, definitely the later.  One of the girls in the video is named Michelle.  I get all panicky when Jillian yells at video Michelle.  I have issues.

12 - 1(16)

3.  I’ve been reading about super foods.  I think waffles should be a super food.  Because they are super.  Especially with peanut butter and syrup.  Who’s with me?  Mmmmm, super food.


4.  My co-workers think I have a problem.  I styled the bookcase at work.  Why do we have WD-40 in the pharmacy?  No one could answer that question.  Good thing I’m not the boss.  Oh wait.

12 - 1(17)

5.  My little brother is done painting his house.  Well, all but about 3 rooms of it.  My little brother will soon be home alone.  Ahhhh.  (P.S.  He’s single.  Holla…..He hates when I try to act cool.)  I’ll share before and progress shots of his house next week.  You know, when I try to be a good blogger again.


6.  I think Nate should help me do something like this around our circular staircase.  I can't get it out of my head.  Nate thinks I'm crazy.  What are your thoughts?  Don't let me down dear blog readers.

Happy week-end!  Who votes molding around the stairs?  Any Jillian fans/haters out there?  I understand both sides.  Waffle fans?  Any styled bookcases at work?  Who wants to date my brother?  I’d make an awesome sister-in-law….