Instagram for Android

I about peed my pants when I received this e-mail Tuesday afternoon.


Instagram is now available for Android. All of us Android hipsters can now join in on the fun.  (You can find more info on the app here!)

I tried to install it quickly. You know, in between counseling patients not to drink booze with their pain pills. My career is very rewarding. Unfortunately, my phone software wasn’t up-to-date.

Tears rolled down my cheeks.  (Okay, not really..but it makes for a better story.)

I had to work until 8:00PM.  The e-mail was a tease.  I sent Nate a text that his evening involved updating my phone software and installing Instagram…as soon as I walked in the door.  He told me he wouldn’t have time.  Five minutes later I received an Instagram photo from him.  I married the devil. 

Many hours later I became an Instagram user.  My life is forever changed. (Dramatic much?)  This is my “I’m finally an Instagram user” smile complete with “I did my boy hair in 2 minutes this morning because 7:30 is way to early to be at work.”…


I’m finding that Instagram is perfect for over sharers like myself.

Who wants to see what’s in my fridge?  Man, do we need groceries! 


Ike is already sick of Instagram.

Seriously, can't I enjoy my post-walk rest?
When will Nate be home to save me from this non-sense?

Fine.  I'll pose for another photo if you'll give me my bones already.
Who's on Instagram?  I need more people to follow!  My user name is DecorandtheDog.  Anyone think I should learn to take photos of something other than my dog?  Yeah, me neither.