Lessons Learned

Today I’d like to share with you lessons that were learned in my brother’s living room this week-end.

Lesson #1:  I am the world’s greatest sister.  Almost 30 hours of painting/slave labor will get you that title.  *Pats self on back.*  Little brother has a lot of projects ahead of him.

Lesson #2:  Don’t paint your living room purple and minty toothpaste.  The next owner (and his sister) will hate you.


Lesson #3: Always check behind bookcases.  They may be hiding things…like brick walls.


Brother had a mini panic attack.  I told him no sweat.  He can paint it charcoal and add a piece of wood for a faux mantle. Stick a clock over the vent.  No problemo.  Panic attack averted.

Lesson #4: Grey is a finicky color.  Little brothers don’t like light grey…like Sherwin William’s Argos.  Color fail.


Lesson #5: Sherwin Williams will add tint to make your paint darker if you hate it.  The walls will then be painted with Grey Matters.  (The same color as our master bathroom and basement.  It’s a good grey!)



Lesson #6:  The stained trim in the living room no longer makes me want to throw up in my mouth but white painted trim would make this room look fantastico.  Feel free to leave comments letting little brother know what you think…either way!  I think I almost have him convinced to paint it.  Almost.  So close.  Come on little brother!

Lesson #7:  My dad taught me a trick.  Milk Duds work as antidepressants when your brother makes you paint his entire house.  My dad is a wise man.  But I may have overdosed.

Lesson #8:  Improving a room is totally worth painting away your week-end.  I do, however, miss that purple.

Picnik collage1

Picnik collage2

I’ll share some of the other before and afters this week.  I’m a little sad I live 4 hours away.  Oh wait.  No I’m not.  I missed my couch and neutral walls…and white trim.

How’d you spend your week-end?  Any other ideas for the brick funkiness? Should we have another poll on painting the trim? ;)

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