Awesome Stuff in My Life

Who wants to see awesome stuff in my life?


Awesome #1! Angry face wants bones.  But he’s pretty awesome.  (Please vote for Ike over at facebook for happiest dog.  I swear he really is the happiest dog…after bones.  He’s quite the diva.  Vote here!!)

Awesome stuff #2: These granola bites are beyond delicious.  Like I want to eat the entire mini muffin pan delicious.  You can find the recipe here.  So good. 


Awesome stuff #3:  My parents got me these Libbey County Fair glasses for my birthday.  They make my cupboard look happy.  And they are fun to drink out of.


Awesome stuff #4: I used some birthday moneys (The word “moneys” always makes me laugh.) to purchase the Madewell tote that I had been drooling over.  This tote cost more than all of the purses I have purchased in my life added together…but it’s so darn pretty.  And it was bought with birthday moneys.  It’s big and perfect.  I like to pet it because the leather is so soft…and real.  I’ve never owned real leather. 


I should probably change the mudroom art too, huh? Did you notice the bouncy tail at the bottom?

Awesome stuff #5:  Target donates extra stuff to our Salvation Army.  These brand new flats now belong to me.  $3.00.  Michelle for the win!


Don’t worry, he doesn’t eat shoes.  He just inspects them and reports to Nate if I make any new purchases.  True story.

Awesome stuff #6:  You may have read that I recently turned 30.  Guess that makes me elderly.  Elderly people need grapefruit spoons. I have been meaning to buy some grapefruit spoons since I moved out of my parents house about 12 years ago (holy cow, I’m getting old).  Quick Amazon search and this grapefruit spoon set arrived at my door 2 days later.  I have been missing you in my life dear grapefruit spoons.


Awesome stuff #7:  I made my first Dr. Bronner’s purchase.  Dr. Bronner’s and homemade granola bars.  I’m turning into quite the hippie.  This soap smells ridiculously good.  I’ve only used it a couple of days but my skin is less dry.  Coincidence?  I’ll keep you posted!


Awesome stuff #8:  It’s Friday!!!  I’m actually back at home helping my little brother paint his house.  I much prefer using free labor than being free labor. ;)

What’s awesome in your life lately?  Do share!!