Today I’d like to share with you a project fail.  The wounds are a little fresh but I think I can make it through this post.  I want you all to know that things aren’t always unicorns and rainbows in this little world of mine.  I just like to keep the blog a happy place.

But not today.

I have this problem of not being able to visualize things very well.  And it stinks when you like to pretend like you are good at decorating your house.

Take, for instance, this empty spot next to the fridge. (And yes, good bloggers take photos during the day but this blogger has to work during the day to pay for this lovely kitchen.  Feel the unicorns being sucked out of this post already?).…


I came up with the brilliant idea that a big ol’ chalkboard would be a perfect thing for the space.
This is where I usually rely on Nate’s wonderful vision to squander moronic plans like this.  Unfortunately he is currently working 767 hours per work (not a typo) and is an accounting zombie. No, seriously.  I’m so concerned I started doing cardio.

I instead relied on my good friend Ryan Gosling…

via Handmade Ryan Gosling
You really get me Mr. Gosling.  Full steam ahead.

I got my board and slathered it with chalkpaint.  I got ready to have Nate hang it.  And…it looked weird….


It actually looks a little better in the photo than it did in person.  In person it looks all cheap and weird. Totally made the kitchen all red neck.  Did I mention that it looked weird?   I even tried to rationalize that maybe if we trimmed it out it would look better.  Luckily Nate had rested enough on Sunday to let me know that there was no saving this project. Better luck next time, kid.

I’ll save that lovely little chalkboard though. I’m sure it will find a loving place to live in this home of ours.

Who’s glad they didn’t have to see another darn chalkboard?  Any big failures on your end lately?  Chalkboard successes?  Anyone else find those Ryan Gosling photos a lot funnier than one should?