Monistat Chaffing Relief Powder Gel

By popular request, I will share with you the wonders of Monistat’s Chaffing Relief Powder Gel.  I never thought I’d be writing about a Monistat product on this blog.  But it’s happening.  Mom, be proud.


I first heard about this life changing product from my dear blog friend, Rachel.  You can read her little blurb about the product as a make-up primer by clicking right here.  I really like to be trusting of my blog friends but this just seemed crazy.  Crazy enough for the pharmacist in me to want to check it out further.

I headed on over to Amazon to read the reviews.  Great reviews as a make-up primer….and to prevent “chub rub” (note: not my term.  I took it directly from the reviews.)  This product contains dimethicone which is used in expensive make-up primers. The price was right at $5.99 for the tube.  I’ll try it.  Why not?  Please Amazon Prime two day ship that to me so I don’t have to purchase it in a store.  Thanks.  Store clerks do judge you.  I’m a pharmacist.  I know.

This stuff is incredible.  Seriously. 

Why do I love it so much?

  • It comes out of the tube as a gel and then dries to a super soft powder finish.  Not sticky at all.  It is also scent free.
  • It makes my face incredibly soft.  It’s crazy.  I like to pet my own face now.  Ike is jealous.
  • It minimizes pores. 
  • It works great as a primer.  I wear Bare Minerals make-up and this product helps my make-up go on smoother.  I also need to use less make-up.  Cost savings!
  • I have a super sensitive face.  Any time I try something new, my face usually breaks out.  (Unfortunately, I’m a sucker for products…and a slow learner.)  My skin has actually improved during the month that I’ve worn this. (Way to jinx myself.)
  • I normally have trouble with dry skin in the winter.  My face has stayed nice and moisturized since I began using it.  (I did, however, start using a new moisturizer around the same time.  It’s called Cerave…and I’m also in love with it.  I think the combo together has kept the face all nice and moist..but not too moist.  Isn’t moist a gross word?)
  • Speaking of gross…this product is fun to freak people out with.  I made my mom try it.  She thought I was messing with her.  Until she put it on her face, loved it, and didn’t care if it was a Monistat product or not.  I also think it makes Nate all nervous.  Even better.
  • You don’t need very to use very much of the gel.  I’ve been using mine 5-6 days per week and the tube looks like I’ve hardly touched it.

There you have it.  The day my blog went down the tube….when I wrote about a tube of Monistat.

Who’s going to try this interesting product or can you not get past the Monistat?  What’s your favorite beauty product? 

Guess who I’m hanging out with this week-end?  It may or may not be two awesome blog girls.  The suspense…

***I was in no way compensated for this post.  I just think the product is awesome and thought you might too!***