Blog Buddies

Guess who I hung out with this week-end?

These two…



Yeah, it was as awesome as it sounds. 

Kim and I had met a couple of times before but this was my first time meeting Cindy.  She was brave enough to drive down from Minn-e-sota to spend the week-end with Kim and I in the Quad Cities.  I’m glad she did because we had lots of fun.  I feel like these two are friends from college or something.  Who knew blogging would lead to new real life friends?  Not this weirdo who previously thought everyone on the internet was a serial killer.  They are both great and it’s so nice to talk house stuff with people who are equally passionate about houses/DIY.

We were all horrible bloggers and didn’t photograph our adventures.  Seriously.  Bloggers without photos.  The shame. 

Friday night was an action packed evening at my house.  We made cookies, ate pizza, and talked….a lot.  And it was wonderful.  Ike put on quite the show…as expected.  On Saturday we spent the day thrifting, browsing, eating, and snuggling Kim’s pugs. 

Kim’s husband did take our only group photo after a long day on Saturday.  Lola didn’t think it was necessary for me to stand for this photo.  Or could I no longer stand from shopping so much.  I’ll let you decide.


What did I find on our adventures?  Not a lot but what I did find was beautiful.  Vintage Pyrex makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Pyrex is becoming a problem in my life.



These pieces will join others I received at Christmas…


The blog will be lame again this week because I have been neglecting my house and having fun without it.  BUT I have ideas a brewing, items on order, painting in progress.  Stick with me through the lame.  There will always be cute Ike pictures to get us through…

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Was your week-end as awesome as mine?  Have you met fellow bloggers?  Are you up to meeting other bloggers?  Any fellow Pyrex addicts out there?