To Blog or Not to Blog

Last week I brought up the idea of starting a Blogging Basics series.  I struggled with writing today’s post because I just didn’t know where to start the series. And then it hit me. 

Why don’t I start at the VERY beginning? I know some of you mentioned wanting to start a blog but you just haven’t made the leap.  Let’s hope you leap away after today’s post!  Post a link in the comments to your brand spanking new blog!

Should I start a blog?  What would I write about?  How do I come up with a name for my blog?

I am going to answer these questions from my perspective.  I would love if those of you who have been blogging awhile would answer them in the comments.  Please and thank you!

Should I start a blog? 

Well of course!  Blogging is such a fun hobby.  It’s a great way to share your creativeness/hobbies/passions/thoughts with the world.  My blog is like a little diary for my house. Blogging is also a great way to meet people who share similar interests. 

I do recommend that you like writing.  (I had forgotten how much I liked to write before I started this ol’ diary on the interweb.  I always loved English in high school…so naturally I chose a career based on biology and math.  Always the smart one.)  You should have a decent understanding of grammar and spelling.  Do you need to worry about an error in your grammar here or there?  Nah.  It’s a blog.  But others should be able to read it without cringing……… if Nate was to write a blog.  The boy can build things and photograph things like none other but ask him to write you a photography post and you’ll be editing it all night. 

What would I write about?

Anything you want.  It’s your blog.  You make the rules.

In the beginning I was writing about a bunch of different things..the house, books I had read, food, the weather.  I have learned that my best posts are those related to my house and Ike…because I am most passionate about my house and that darn dog. I also think most of you read because of the house…….okay, fine…..because of Ike.  I get it.  How can you not love this fuzzy face?

January 136pn

Don’t touch that messy beard though….he gets grouchy.

How do I come up with a name for my blog?

I struggled with this one. I almost gave up on  blogging before I even started because I couldn’t come up with a decent blog name. 

My original thought was Drugs and Décor…because I am a pharmacist who likes decorating.  And then I began to wonder what kind of readers a blog with drugs in the title would attract.  I quickly went back to the drawing board.  Even though I am a pharmacist, I didn’t plan (and still don’t) plan to blog about my career.  I later decided on Décor and the Dog because I knew Ike would most definitely sneak his way into every house photo.  I was right.


Who’s going to start blogging now?  Get that first post ready.  How’d you come up with your blog name?  I think next week I’ll discuss finding your niche…unless I change my mind.