Shower Curtain Survey

Do you all remember my guest bathroom?  My sad and neglected guest bathroom.  The "horrid dungeon of a guest suite", as described by my New Year’s Eve guests.  I think they were mocking me.  I think.


I purchased West Elm’s Stripe Shower Curtain awhile back. I thought it was going to be the answer to my shower curtain debacle. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is.  The charcoal on the curtain just doesn’t work well with the wall color.  I will not paint that bathroom again.  It’s easier to find another shower curtain.  Or is it?

I was on the lookout for a replacement shower curtain but I just hadn’t found anything that spoke to me.  That was until I opened up the latest West Elm catalog and saw their Gallery Stripe Shower Curtain

I knew I shouldn’t have opened up that catalog.  I told myself I wouldn’t. I should have dropped it straight into the recycling bin without looking at it’s beautiful glossy pages filled with items that would look perfect in my home.

I’m also on a self-imposed spending ban for the month of January.  I’m not sure why I decided to put this ban on myself.  My former self was getting irritated with my constant need to buy things.  Current Michelle, however, wants to buy this shower curtain and it’s on sale until Monday. Work tested any and all patience I had this week.  And it’s the 20th.  That’s close enough to the 31st.  I gave it a good run.  Right? Right!

What are your thoughts? 

Do you think the gallery stripe curtain will be the answer to my first world shower curtain problem?  Or do you feel that there is another answer out there for me?  (I will keep the original stripe curtain for our Jack and Jill bath.  It’s just too pretty to send back.  Yes, I have a problem.  Thank you for your concern.)