DSLR for Dummies

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions.  I stink at follow through.

What do you do when you stick with follow through?  You start two blog series in one week.

I REALLY need to learn how to use our DSLR.  Every time I shoot in auto, I can hear the camera laughing at me.  Or is that Nate?  We’ll never be sure.

I know there are a bunch of you out there that are in the same position.  We are going to learn how to use our cameras together in 2012. Deal? Deal.  Every Thursday, Nate will give us a camera lesson.  He isn’t a pro but he has taught himself a lot.  (The photo department at Sam’s wanted a copyright release form when Nate’s mom wanted to print pictures that Nate took of our niece.  True story.)  We encourage you all to chime in with your wisdom as well!  We might even do a little Flickr group for everyone to share what they are learning!

I can’t read the DSLR owner’s manual.  I’ve tried. I fall asleep or I decide I need to clean the bathroom instead.  Or alphabetize the books in the office.  I am going to try to have Nate teach me instead.  This could be a very big test for our marriage.  At least we have 5 1/2 years of commitment to help get us through.

Nate will be represented in blue.  I will be represented in pink.  Oh, the gender stereotypes.

Today we are starting from the beginning and the lesson is boring…but supposedly important.  Wake me up with this is over.  I mean, learning is fun.

What does DSLR even stand for?  DSLR stands for: Digital single-lens reflect

Did you Google that?  No. Maybe.

What kind of teacher are you?  Focus.

What kind of DSLR do we own?  Nikon D5000 body and lenses (we’ll cover lenses later).

via Nikon

Why did you choose Nikon?  I have heard that Canon’s are cooler.  Kind of like the IPhone. Can I get an IPhone?  No, Android is better. Instagram is coming to Android.  You’ll survive until then.  Focus.

The Nikon vs. Canon decision is a big debate.  I choose the Nikon after reading reviews on Steve's Digicams and DP Review.  I could get more features in the Nikon for a few hundred dollars less than the Canon.  This was 2 years ago.  I haven’t looked recently. I also like the Canon brand.  At the time, I could get more for my money with the Nikon.  Both brands are great, just depends on your personal preference.  The Nikon D5000 is a good mid-level consumer grade camera.

When do we get to learn fun stuff?  Next week I’m going to teach you about lenses.

Bleh.  Do you want to learn how to use this thing or not? 

Yes, master. 

Overall, good first lesson?  Weigh in on the Nikon vs. Canon debate!  Who’s thinking auto is just fine?  Would you partake in the Flickr group if I’m not too lazy to set it up?