Blogging Basics

I am still shocked at the response I received from my post about what I've learned blogging.

You all got me thinking.  Maybe I should do a little blogging basics series. 


This series would include things I have learned along the way.  I am nowhere close to being a professional.  I have a tiny little blog (but lots of awesome readers).  I have had some amazing opportunities stem from this little blog and I’d like to share my wisdom.

I know some of the fancy big girl bloggers have recently discussed their blogging tips but I’m thinking more tips for us tiny baby bloggers.  We do things a little differently.  Our blogging mission isn’t too put food on our tables but to entertain one another instead.  I think we can do this while pretending to know what we’re doing as well.

My “blogging series” (if I stick with it) will be more focused on the basics.  The things that I had to dig to find on my own. 

Here’s where I need your input…

What would you like to learn from this series? 

Things I have in mind include but are not limited to:

  • Blog layout, Laying out a post, How to make a header, What’s your blog mission/focus?, Turn off that word capture, Make Picnik your best friend, Your “About Me” page, Finding your niche, Google Reader 101, Windows Live Writer 101, Getting your blog out there, Social media, Let’s talk $$$

What did I miss?

This would be a one post a week deal.  I don’t want to get away from my true love…….blabbing about my house and my compulsive shopping habits.  (I’m trying to limit my spending in January, so you get random posts.  Woo hoo!)

I would also love if some of you that have been blogging for awhile would chime in with comments.  Maybe I’ll have some helpers.  E-mail me if you are interested experienced little bloggers (decorandthedog at gmail). This could be fun…