Night Lights

Today I thought I’d share with you our house at night.  I really don’t think I am going to be ready to take down our trees and lights in 2 weeks.  I like how cozy the house feels with them on.  Maybe I’ll just keep them up so I’ll be prepared for next Christmas. I’m always thinking!

We’ll start in the dining room…

Night Xmas 001

Nate was trying out bokeh.  Fancy.   I think bokeh is fun to say.  I just learned it this week-end.  I think Nate is regretting teaching it to me.  Bokeh!

Night Xmas 017

Night Xmas 018

I love the ambiance in our kitchen.  Ambiance is also fun to say…but not as fun as bokeh!

Night Xmas 019

Night Xmas 021

And now for the living room and stairs….

Night Xmas 027

I bet our families are happy to finally see some presents under the tree. I should be wrapping more instead of writing this post…but there is plenty of time for that later.  Right? Right.

Here’s one of the gift that keeps giving…

Night Xmas 049

This gift was angry because we were withholding dog bones from him.

Night Xmas 032

Night Xmas 038

Night Xmas 033

Night Xmas 035

Night Xmas 043

Hope you enjoyed your night tour of our house in it’s holiday clothes!

Are you done shopping? Wrapping?  Who’s with me on leaving the tree up all year?

***I’m also guest posting over at The Blooming Hydrangea today.  Ange asked some random questions. I answered.  Stop by and say “hi”!  Be sure to check out all of Ange’s fun projects!!***