All About Ike

I now know that about 92.8% of your read this blog for this guy…

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I can’t blame you!  Look at that face.

Here are the answers to all of the questions Ike related….

Have you always had pets, or is Ike your first love?  I have always had pets.  I grew up on a farm.  Nate had a few dogs during his childhood years.  My two favorite childhood pets were my duck (Roger) and my cat (Ralph).  Roger won Best Pet at the 4-H fair one year.  She was a great duck (Yes, Roger was a she.  It’s hard to tell the sex of a baby duck.)  Ralph was my other pet love.  He passed when I was in college at the age of 17. He’s was the funniest cat.  So much personality. Can you believe I was once a cat person?

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Does Ike play well with others or is he a loner?  He loves to play with other dogs…if they are smaller than him.  He likes to beat other dogs up.  He doesn’t like to be beaten up.  (Smart dog.)  He actually plays really well with most dogs.  He is getting older and tends to get grouchy when he’s tired.

Did you do a lot of research on the type of dog you wanted before you got Ike?  Yes.  I think it is very important to research the breed of dog you plan to bring into your home.  We knew we wanted a smaller dog..but not too small.  We wanted the dog to be big enough to accompany us on walks/hikes.  We also wanted a dog that didn’t shed.  We knew that Wire Fox Terriers were high energy dogs.  This energy makes them a challenge and you have to make sure to keep them constantly entertained.

You always talk about how awesome Ike is, but what about the naughty things he does. I know my two pups get into all kinds of trouble, from getting into the trash to running off after a squirrel.  Ike is definitely naughty.  Our friends and family reading this are probably nodding their heads.  He was a super naughty puppy. He was always into things, chewing on this, etc.  We just thought that was a normal puppy but looking back, I’m not so sure.  He entertains himself better now but still will get into things if he’s not supervised.  He likes to steal food from children.  He likes to bang his food dish against the wall….even when there’s food in it.  I think he does this just to irritate Nate.

My kids want to know what Ike's favorite treat is. They love pictures of Ike! :-)  Ike loves treats.  He will do anything for treats.  He’s not really picky.  We buy him Milk Bones because they are reasonably priced.  Treats are the key to all of those cute Ike pictures!

What is your absolute favorite thing about having a terrier? Don't they just have so much personality?!  Our favorite thing about Ike (and most terriers) is his energy and excitement for life.  Every second is the best second of his life.  He definitely reminds us to focus on the now!

Do you have to get Ike groomed? How often?  Ike does need to be groomed.  He usually goes every couple of months.  We took him a couple of weeks ago.  We didn’t have him cut as short because we thought he might be cold.  But as you can, it looks like he is going to need another trim soon!

How old is Ike and is he ever going to get a brother or sister? (fur or human!)  Ike will be 5 in February.  They grow up so fast.  *Tear*  And no plans for another fur sibling.  A human sibling is still questionable!

There you have it.  All of your Ike questions answered!

Tomorrow I’ll share some night photos of our house!

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