Deck the Living Room

Let’s end the week with the last part of our holiday house tour!  (Check out our dining room and mudroom if you missed them!)

Our living room is looking might festive.  Don’t you think?


I think there is a fine line between decorating for Christmas and your house throwing up Christmas.  I don’t know that throwing up is wrong.  It’s just a fine line.  Both Nate and I dislike clutter so we try to keep the Christmas items to a minimum…but we still want the house to feel cozy and festive.  Make sense?





Our tree is artificial.  We’re too lazy and cheap for a real one.  This tree is 12 feet tall.  We both wanted a giant tree for our two story living room.  We bought this during an after Christmas sale.  It’s not pre-lit.  Way to go cheap selves.  I cringe every time Nate stands on his tip toes on a ladder to add the star.  If it was up to me, only the bottom third of this tree would be lit.  I’m glad Nate isn’t afraid of heights!

You will also notice the lack of presents under the tree.  We like to decorate early but shop a little later.  It’s good to spread out the holiday to-do list.

Here are a few other holiday views of our first floor.  I can only wish that the sun will shine again someday here in Iowa so we could have some well lit pictures!




Is your house all decked out?  Does it throw up Christmas or do you not have nearly enough decorations? 

Check back Sunday night for a DIY holiday project.  And next week is my one year blogiversary.  Big stuff!