Check It Out!

Holy cow.  I wasn’t expecting so many responses to yesterday’s “Let's Talk About You” post.  I forgot that I was scheduled the late shift at work last night and there was no way I was going to put together a decent post to answer all of those questions.  (I was expecting like 4 questions that I could easily slap together in a blog post.  Way to prove me wrong!)

So today I’m going to entertain you with links to some recent Décor and the Dog related posts that have shown up on other blogs.  Tomorrow is a fun giveaway but I will be back with your answers either this week-end or early next week.  Thank you all for entertaining me with your answers.  It was fun learning who’s out there.  (And from your answers, you all are a bunch of weirdos.  I didn’t say it. You did.)

First, I am guest posting over at Hyphen Interiors today.  I am sharing a big time painting failure.  It’s a never before seen/told story.  Be sure to check out how awesomely I failed at that one.  (The chair is available if you want it.  Seriously.)  Kristy is a super talented designer so be sure to check out her great posts and learn from an expert…not just someone who pretends to be.


Next….Not only were the nice folks over at Barn Light Electric nice enough to offer up a $1000 giveaway.  They also wrote a few really flattering blog posts about our lighting selections.  Their descriptions of our rooms make it sound like I almost know what I’m doing..almost.

Check out their kind words about our kitchen here


Our eat-in dining area here


And our master bedroom here


Barn Light Electric has been such a fun company to do business with.  (If you can consider them giving me free lights and me blabbing about them business.)

***The only compensation I have received from Barn Light Electric is the shiny, beautiful lights.  I only beat this subject to the ground because I am so darn happy with how a few lighting changes have dramatically improved the look of a few of our rooms!***

And last but definitely not least, our powder room was featured over at Better After the other day.  How had I never heard of this blog??  An entire blog dedicated to before and afters.  You must go there and come back and thank me.


Happy Thursday!  Thanks again for commenting yesterday! (Feel free to keep the questions coming today if you missed out on the fun yesterday!)