Styling a Bed

On Friday , I mentioned that we now have a tutorial on the DIY Network website.


Overall, working with the DIY Network was very easy. We typed up our tutorial, attached some pictures, and sent an e-mail.  Easy button.

We had a slight problem though.  We received an e-mail back stating that the headboard was not styled well enough.  I had a sneaking suspicion this would be the case when I hit “send”. 

Nate took the photos in a hurry before we rushed off to make the 3 hour journey back home. I didn’t look at them while we were there.  I was a little sad when I opened them..

Herrick Master Bedroom 091

Herrick Master Bedroom 061

Wrinkly duvet.  Not enough color.  Oops.

The week-end plans didn’t allow for another trip back home any time soon so I sweet talked my mom into “styling” her bed.  She was pretty nervous.  It was kind of like “What Not to Wear” but for her bed.  I gave her guidance and she was sent out on her own to make it happen.

My guidance was pretty simple.  She needed two white shams (preferably with a little texture) and couple smaller pillows (preferably white or coral).  The execution was harder due to the fact that they live in the middle of nowhere.  She was able to find two pretty white shams (with texture) from Target.  She sewed covers for the smaller pillows out of white and coral fabric.

Next came the actual styling.  This is where her love for me was tested…


Look at that pillow spacing.  Isn’t she cute?

We discussed moving the pillows closer, folding the sheet/duvet back a bit, holding the camera straight, more natural light/less flash, books on the nightstand, etc.  I think she took about 60 photos…and pondered if giving birth to me was a good idea.

60 photos later, we arrived at this…



Who else out there has tested their mother’s unconditional love?  Any bed styling dilemmas? Do you make your bed on a regular basis or only when you have guests?  Or never?