Farmhouse Table Q&A

It’s farmhouse table Q&A time!

How to Build a Farmhouse Table

Did you use a tutorial/plan?

  Yes, the

Big Ur plan from Ana White

Did you make any modifications to the plan?

  Yes, we added the “breadboard” on the end (the addition of the horizontal boards in place of all vertical boards.) (In Ana’s directions, there is a 2x3.  Nate cut the ends to the same length as that 2x3.)

How to Build a Farmhouse Table, metal chairs

How long did the table take to build/finish?

  4-5 hours for building.  1 hour of sanding.  30-45 minutes for staining. 1 hour total for 3 coats of poly. 

How to Build a Farmhouse Table

What would you do differently during the building process?

  Nate tells me he would have focused more on making the boards even.  After the assembly, the boards were slightly uneven.  Nothing some sanding couldn’t fix.  Nate and his dad used a belt sander, hand sander, and a planar to make the table level.

What kind of wood did you use?

  Whitewood. Stud grade.  We wanted a rustic look so imperfections in the wood were actually a good thing.

What stain did you use?

Minwax Red Mahogany

What poly did you use? 

Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane Clear Satin

What did you learn from your first major staining project?

  It’s important to wipe off any excess stain.  Amateurs.  We wanted a dark color so we left more stain on than we should have.  The result was a tacky table.  After some Googling, we applied a second coat and wiped off the excess.  This worked.  No more tackiness.

How much did it cost to build the table?

  The lumber was $45. The stain and poly were about $20-25 total


Where are the chairs from?

  The chairs are the

Jackson Tub Chair from World Market


Do the chairs feel short?

  Nope. They just look short because they don’t have tall backs.  Eye trickery.  The shortness bothered me at first but they are super comfortable and I love the metal with the table.  This is my “Bring me food!” pose…

farmhouse table q & a.jpg

 Will Nate build me a table?

  Nate doesn’t think he has enough time in the day for custom table orders….mainly because I fill his time with crazy projects.  Oops!

Any other questions?  Who’s glad it’s a short work week this week?