We took our Christmas card photo this week-end.  That’s always an adventure.  A self-timer plus a dog plus two humans equals chaos.

I won’t show you our family photo yet but I will show you that our lovely fuzz ball isn’t always so cooperative.  We just take a lot of pictures to get the good ones.

Here’s what happens when Nate takes photos of just Ike and I. I’m too lazy to edit these so enjoy some straight outta the camera goodness…

Chelle blinks.

We both blink.

Chelle, your ear smells funny.

I love you, human.

Why are the neighbors chopping down their trees?

Chelle is angry.  The dog is hot.

And finally (plus about 15 more of these type of photos), we get something decent...


I love how annoyed he looks. You may also notice a red mark on the center of my neck that occurred after he tried to paw me away.  He's not the fuzzy angel he appears to be.  Okay, yes he is.  He just grows horns on occasion.

Who has their holiday card photos taken already? (We usually wait until about Dec. 13th so this is not normal.)  Do you include the pets?  Do you include yourself?