Easy Sew Baby “Quilt”

If your name is Lisa and you are Nate’s sister and you are expecting your second child in a few weeks….look away.

Everyone else……read on!

Hey, guess what?  We’re expecting our 3rd niece in a few weeks.  I’m that crazy aunt that makes something for the wee ones.  My skills are slowly improving.  This may be my favorite “quilt” so far.






I used a tutorial from The Purl Bee . I liked this tutorial because there wasn’t any actual quilting and it didn’t have ties.  I have made a few blankets with ties and they never turn out the way I want.  This tutorial uses a couple of stitches every few inches in place of the ties.  These stitches bind the quilt together but aren’t super noticeable.


I don’t know the baby’s name yet (darn secrets).  I used the first letter of their last name instead.  I cut out a “T” and pinned it on and then used a zig zag stitch around it.  I was super scared to do this because I was afraid to ruin my pretty blanket…but it turned out cute.

This is the end of sewing projects……for this week.  I’m getting crazy with the sewing machine.  I’m trying to forget the first blanket I attempted for this child and then had to trash because it was not pretty.  I’m going to stick with easy. Easy is better on the self-esteem.

Do you give handmade gifts?  I’m always slightly nervous about them but family can’t complain…too much.  Any other great easy blanket tutorials out there?