Who’s Hiring

There is a side of Ike that we haven’t mentioned much on the blog. 

He has A LOT of energy. And by A LOT, I mean A LOT.  His high energy is one of the things that we love the most about him.  It’s also one of the most challenging things about being a proud parent of a Wire Fox. 

Last night he was still crazy after an hour long walk, tricks, toy chasing, and bone chewing.  Nate and I on the other hand were exhausted. We decided that Ike needs a day job so he would be equally as exhausted. I mean, he is almost 5 which in people years puts him at an age where he needs to start pulling his weight.

He wants you all to know that he’s not just a pretty face.  He has many useful skills.

The following is a picture resume:

Excellent present opener…


Guard dog…



Pillow smusher..


Bed warmer…

2011-09-05 22.01.16pn

Laundry sorter…

11 - 1(1)pn

Bandana model…

2011-08-12 17.32.05pn

Raccoon hunter…

Fall 189pn 

Who’s hiring?  Does your pet have an equally impressive resume?