Reader Window Headboard

Sometimes (or most of the time) when I write posts for this blog, I forget that people may actually follow our instructions and make the projects that we have tackled. Weird. 

This point was brought to my attention when a lovely reader, Courtney, sent me photos of her West Elm headboard copy cat that she made following our instructions (see them here)…



Here’s what Courtney had to say…

“We just followed your directions and made the west elm headboard!! I was so excited! I wanted to tell you guys thanks! I took pictures throughout the process and am really happy with the result! My husband did the cutting and building- I helped with the painting. It ended up costing about $80 since we had to buy some tools. But it was totally worth it. The instructions were simple and we are thrilled. Thanks!!”
~Courtney and Tats (her awesome hubby who did all the work)

Phew.  Our instructions made sense to others.  And it’s good to hear someone else survived painting this beast.  I almost didn’t make it. Seriously.  It was a close call.  And how awesome is the headboard paired with a white pin tuck duvet? 

Thanks to Courtney for sharing her project with us!!