Cowl Complete

I have this bad habit of starting something and then never finishing it.  I like to try different things to see if I can do them.  Once I realize that I can do them, I get bored and quit.

Not this week.  I am super proud of myself for completing the Crochet Along hosted by the lovely Rachel over at Maybe Matilda.  Not only did I complete the project but I completed it on time…as in I finished it yesterday.  I’m amazing. And totally not a procrastinator.

Rachel gave great step-by-step directions to walk us through the cowl making process.  (We used this pattern.  You can start your own cowl here.)

Want to see my cowl?  Of course you do.  Please remember that these photos were taken at 8:30 last night after an 8 hour shift where I was verbally abused for about 7.92 of those 8 hours…and I’m horribly awkward in front of the camera…



At first I didn’t think think cowls were my thing but my inner 80 year old self is actually kind of digging them.  I initially used this crochet along as a good excuse to make myself sit down and learn to crochet.  Turns out I like cowls.  Who knew?

I have to watch my precious cowl though. Someone else in my house is loving it….


Guess I need to whip him up one of his own.  He’s requested a color that brings out his eyes.  Diva.  (The things I do to this poor dog.)

Be sure to head over to Maybe Matilda and check out all of the participants.  There is even a contest for the best cowl.  I’d love your vote but the competition is pretty impressive.  I’d take a “Yay.  You actually finished a crochet project.” vote! 

After you’re done doing that, you should check out the rest of Rachel’s blog.  She’s super talented but more importantly, she kills me.  What can I say?  I like funny bloggers.  Also be sure to check out her Etsy shop which is full of great crochet patterns and beautiful hats, headbands, etc.  You can buy your own cowl and tell all of your friends you made it.  I won’t tell.

Have you tried to crochet or knit?  Or is it too elderly for you?  Anyone else have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them?  Who thinks Rachel rocks that pixie cut like nobody’s business?