Hunting in Naperville

This past week-end the dudes of the family were hunting pheasant in South Dakota.  Us ladies decided to do some hunting of our own.  Bargain hunting.  We made the 2 1/2 hour trip to Naperville, Il.  It’s a very good thing I live far from civilization.

During this trip, I made my maiden voyage to HomeGoods.  As witnessed by my awesome cell phone photo… 

11 - 2pn

It was amazing.  How can you go wrong with a TJMaxx that doesn’t have racks of clothes and only home items?  You can’t.

What bargains did I find?  Nate prefers to ask me what I didn’t find. 

How can you pass up a cute @ sign?…


Or a wire basket that holds cooking magazines?…(If you have time to notice my dirty toaster, you have time to clean it.)…


I finally bought soap dispensers for our master bath.  I forgot that I don’t have chrome finishes.  Rookie.  I still like them.  They will eventually be moved to our Jack and Jill bath that does have chrome finishes.


What didn’t go home with me?  A pair of Christmas dog pajamas that I am kicking myself for not buying and this mirror.  It had a pretty decent sized scratch deep in the mirror or it would have been mine. Sad...

11 - 1(2)pn

Has anyone seen this shape of mirror anywhere lately?  Preferably one that isn’t a million dollars.

On a side note, I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans a few weeks back.  You know, now that they probably aren’t cool any more.  They are the most unbelievably comfortable pair of jeans that I own.  Who knew?  I digress.

Overall, a successful first trip to HomeGoods (and many other stores in Naperville).  13 hours later and I was home again.  That is a lot of shopping for this girl.  Ike and I slept well that night…

11 - 4pn

Have you been to HomeGoods?  Do you like shopping or loathe it?  I’m surprisingly not a great shopper.  I get sensory overload and wear out quickly but I was a trooper on this trip.

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