Get Outta My Head

Today’s interesting fact.  I become easily obsessed with things.  And by obsessed, I mean obsessed. Like that’s all I can think and talk about all. day. long.  I’m borderline needing medication.  Ask Nate.
I’m thinking about a weekly series titled “Get Outta My Head.”  But I’m bad with follow through and I don’t want to let you down.  We’ll see.

What can’t I get out of my head this week?

Farmhouse tables and metal chairs…

via decor pad

via Restored Style

via Design Manifest

I’m pretty sure Nate is going to run for the hills if I say the words “farmhouse table” again tonight.  I have him pondering the idea now.  Pondering is a step above his previous idea that his wife had lost her marbles.

Where did this latest obsession come from?  A dream that I think stemmed from picking out our new lights (thanks again Barn Light Electric).  I want to take our kitchen a step further in the country/industrial department.

Just picture the table and chairs here…with this cream light and maybe a shelf above the patio door.  Or perhaps taller moldings.  My brain is out of control.

The table is doable (thanks to Ana White).  The chairs are a different story. I need your assistance.  Help me find an affordable chair.  The closest thing I can get is this chair from Industry West for $125.

via Industry West

$125 multiplied by 4 equals a hard time convincing Nate that this is a good idea.  Which it is.  Of course.

What do you think?  Love it or hate it? Who has chair options for me?  What are you obsessing over this week?