Two Out of Three

I decided this past week-end that I would use Pinterest for something other than a major time suck.  I decided to use it to help us meal plan.  We are not good meal planners during the summer.  There is always so much going on.  We don’t like to cook casseroles, pastas, etc. when it’s hot.  Oh yeah, and we’re lazy.

This past Sunday I got on Pinterest to start looking at all of the lovely recipes I had pinned. About 15 minutes later Nate asked me how my meal planning was going.  I asked if he thought a squirrel with spirit fingers was helpful…


He told me that it was not helpful unless I planned to eat that squirrel.  It’s amazing he hasn’t filed for divorce.  And how could you eat a squirrel with such spirit?

I then redirected myself back to my recipes board and picked out a few recipes to purchase ingredients for.  Today I will review two meals and a dessert found on Pinterest.

Recipe #1: Slow Baked Mac & Cheese 


We’ve had some pretty cool weather the past few days so we decided to bust out the ol’ Crock Pot.  This recipe looked delicious.  We, however, did not enjoy it.  The mac & cheese was very bland.  I am one of the world’s pickiest eaters so if I say something is bland…it’s bland.  The custard also curdled a little.  I’m thinking it’s because my noodles were too warm when I added them to the cold custard ingredients.  It didn’t curdle a lot and I don’t think that had any affect on the overall bland taste.

Ike, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy the mac & cheese…

Labor Day 060

(I made Nate eat this bowl because he was the bad parent photographing the dog instead of making him behave.  Ike isn’t allowed table food…unless Nate thinks it makes a funny picture.) 

We will be sticking with my grandma’s recipe for our Mac & Cheese needs.

Current score: 0-1

Recipe #2: Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie baked in a Cast Iron Skillet


Nate has this weird obsession with cast iron cookware.  I won’t argue though because this cookie was one of the most wonderfully delicious cookies I have ever eaten.  I would suggest you buy a cast iron skillet solely to make this cookie in.  Just the right amount of crisp to soft cookie ratio. 

Labor Day 062

Current score: 1-2

Recipe #3: Ranch House Pork Chops


We are suckers for comfort food.  It’s a really good thing that we decided to take up running.  I think. 

Nate and I both really liked this recipe.  We will be making it again.  We used instant mashed potatoes instead of making them from scratch.  (Yes, Mom.  I know this bothers you.  I apologize.)  The recipe called for 1 can of cream of chicken soup and 1 packet of dry ranch dressing.  I took the advice from some of the comments and used 2 cans of soup with 1 ranch packet and threw it in the Crock pot with some pork chops.  Supper was served 6 hours later.  Super easy and tasty.  (Side note #1: I didn’t take pictures of this because I think pictures of meat are disgusting.  Even the one above.  Side note #2: don’t eat the leftovers before running. Uggg.)

Current score: 2-3

Pretty decent odds Pinterest!

Have you tried any of those yummy looking recipes from Pinterest?  Any luck?  Do share!